Our Standard 250cc Buggy

An 800cc Monster (below)

P@TOW Mountain, "Yes" we really do ride up to P@TOW and it's not a paved road! (below)

Making the track to P@TOW, taken from the halfway point, MIEN Hill tribe village in the distance and the mountains all around where we go on your afventure. The track to P@TOW is unpaved and included on all adventures! (below)

The Waterfall we visit and swim in on Adventurer & All Day Tours (below)

Customers on a mountain ridge, all tours (below)

MIEN Hill Tribe at P@TOW in traditional dress welcoming adventurers after their tour.  Ketmanee & Farm Saejao (below)

One of our customer collection vehicles

Our owner Ketmanee Saejao (below)